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Section 92 lists the powers of the Provincial Legislatures. Both in settler and nonsettler colonies, to fall under British jurisdiction had been viewed as a privilege not readily shared with the indigenous population.

Constitutional Documents

British North America Act, [ edit ] This Act gave Canada the power to establish new provinces and territories, and to change provincial boundaries with the affected province's consent. Another significant case came before the courts in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, when a local military officer, Frederick William Hecht, sought to establish his title to an enslaved woman named Rachel Bross.

Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, the Presence of at least Fifteen Senators, including the Speaker, shall be necessary to constitute a meeting of the Senate for the Exercise of its Powers. The royally- appointed or in case of chartered colonies proprietarily-appointed Governor and Council constituted the highest legal authority in the colonies in civil as well as in criminal matters.

On any such Re-adjustment the Number of Members for a Province shall not be reduced unless the Proportion which the Number of the Population of the Province bore to the Number of the aggregate Population of Canada at the then last preceding Re-adjustment of the Number of Members for the Province is ascertained at the then latest Census to be diminished by One Twentieth Part or upwards: This Act increased the number of representative from the Northwest Territories in the Canadian House of Commons, from one to two members.

British North America Act

More about consolidation The Constitution Act, also contains a schedule of repeals of certain constitutional enactments and provides for the renaming of others. Nevertheless, British administrators in all three types of colonies soon recognized the need to adapt their imported law according to local circumstances, and they amended English common and statutory law with colonial statutes in response to specific colonial situations.

Constitution Act, 1867

And it became the legal fundament of all British colonies of domination in Asia and in Africa. Acknowledgement This consolidation of the Constitution Acts, to contains material prepared by the late Dr.

Until the Parliament of Canada otherwise provides, in case of the Absence for any Reason of the Speaker from the Chair of the House of Commons for a Period of Forty-eight consecutive Hours, the House may elect another of its Members to act as Speaker, and the Member so elected shall during the Continuance of such Absence of the Speaker have and executive all the Powers, Privileges, and Duties of Speaker.

He later served as Virginia's governor In the first half of the 18th century, however, British enforcement of this system had been lax. As official delegates of the Charlottetown consensus, John A. Macdonald pictured, right and George Brown returned to Canada in the year preceding confederation almost with an impression of having inconvenienced.

Slavery Abolition Act

The British government coupled the repeal of the Stamp Act with the Declaratory Act, a reaffirmation of its power to pass any laws over the colonists that it saw fit.

Amendments were also made at this time: If he is attainted of Treason or convicted of Felony or of any infamous Crime: There are some inconsistencies in the capitalization of nouns.British North America Act, also called Constitution Act,the act of Parliament of the United Kingdom by which in three British colonies in North America—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada—were united as “one Dominion under the name of Canada” and by which provision was made.

The British North America Act or BNA Act created the Dominion of Canada in It is now referred to as the Constitution Act,as it is the basis of the country's constitution. The British North America Act, (BNA Act, ) was passed by the British Parliament in It is the law that created the Canadian Confederation.

It is the law that created the Canadian Confederation.


The British North America Act,was passed by the British Parliament in It is the law that created the Canadian Confederation. It is the law that created the Canadian Confederation.

Many other Acts called British North America Act were later passed, amending the Act, or adding to it. British North America Act, The British statute creating Canada in out of the colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

In it was renamed the Constitution Act, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: License Disclaimer: This Act is current to September 19, See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Family Law Act [SBC ] CHAPTER Part 1 — Interpretation. Definitions.

Law and british north act
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