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If Patriot University did, in fact, accept this dissertation and award a Ph. After a page of digression about how to reach people who have been brainwashed by evolution, Hovind takes on the early Christians.

Kent Hovind Affidavit On May 13,Hovind and his wife filed a "Power of Attorney and Revocation of Signature" document in Escambia County which would nullify any of their promises, debts, or legal agreements made prior to April 15, What is unusual about this?

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The racism prevalent in the mids is exploited and is supported by a magazine quotation! It is not an original, thoughtful, coherent body of knowledge. Tips for Sources After Submitting Tips Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions.

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And since when does Jupiter have rocks do you really want to dig through all the metallic hydrogen for the nougat rocky core?

Top 15 Quotes from Kent Hovind’s Ph.D. Thesis

However, there is no page dissertation; when one subtracts the duplicated material, the document is pages. Ask yourself whether you would visit a medical doctor, an auto mechanic, a plumber, or an investment counsellor with similar dubious credentials.

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However, there is no empirical evidence that Hovind did anything of the kind. According to Hovind, in Zoroastrianism "a lack of importance [is] placed on God. The thesis that Mr.

Their entire argument is built on the premise that there is plenty of money. The writing style, as well as Hovind's lectures, are reminiscent of drive-by shootings, where many disjointed topics are presented in rapid-fire order so as to not allow the reader or listener to really think about any particular topic.

He then proceeds to a long pair Hovind thesis inaccurate definitions of microevolution and macroevolution. Since that time, Evans repeatedly asked for permission to post the dissertation at his website. However, there is no empirical evidence that Hovind did anything of the kind.

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The Newsweek quotation on page 55 shows up intact on page 65; D. His total ignorance of plate tectonics is apparent when he discusses the ocean floor and continental erosion.

For the first time evolution is described as a religion hang on to your hats. On the same note, Communism has spread really well in Iranian Zoroastrian communities and in Indiawhere Hinduism and Buddhism are prevalent.

Bring back a Mars rock or a Jupiter rock, I'll eat it or lick it. How this is possible is not known. A thesis contains original and new data or theories that ADD to the body of existing knowledge.

No original thought is presented.

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Since I am precluded from direct quotations, but want to make the reader aware of the style, here is the identical sentence structure of one of the biographies, substituting Charles Darwin as the subject of the biographical sketch: Upon completion of a final draft, a defense is held where the public is invited and the candidate defends his or her work in front of the committee, who ask questions and make comments.

Anyone wishing to get a transcript of our current material to post on a web site or distribute to others is free to do so as long as no changes are made and credit is given including my name, address, and web site. They mistakenly think that by belittling the man Hovind thesis have answered his points and won the debate.

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The Dissertation Kent Hovind Doesn't Want You to Read. A Review of Kent Hovind's Thesis by Karen Bartelt, Ph.D. What is a thesis or dissertation anyway? A thesis is a body of ORIGINAL research, and is one of the requirements for an advanced degree (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.).

Kent Hovind Kent's site disappeared in This site won an Encouragement Award in the Millenium Awards. The award citation read: Something old became new again this week when Wikileaks breathlessly reported that the PhD thesis of creationist Mr Kent Hovind had finally been made available to the world.

1 Inside the Mind of a Creationist A Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind's “Doctoral Dissertation” By Nathan Dickey* 1. Meet Kent Hovind Kent Hovind is a young-earth creationist who subscribes to some of the most outlandish notions one can hope to find in the biblical creationist movement.

Kent Kovind Hovind is a well-known "young-earth" biblical creationist. As such the strength of his dissertation is of broad interest. According to our source, contrary to accepted practices in academia where doctoral dissertations are available to the public.

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