Harley davidson pestle analysis

Also, Harley-Davidson can further develop its online marketing campaigns to take advantage of increasing support for e-commerce. Harley uses HOG to showcase new products and to keep in contact with customers.

Disposable incomes will affect the demand for motorcycles. Market share climbed consistently both in the US market and in international markets.

What we need from you is to provide us with your detailed paper instructions for our experienced writers to follow all of your specific writing requirements. Economic Factors Important to Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson must address the economic aspect of the motorcycle market.

Nature of Demand 1. Extent of Demand The demand types under considerations in this extent assessment are characterized into space levels, product levels and time levels. Initially, Harley-Davidson adopted a market penetration strategy that was centered on its core, and somewhat narrow, range of heavyweight motorcycles.

Motorcycle Market Segments The global electric motorcycle and scooter sector continues to witness increasing demand as consumers become more familiar with electric passenger cars. These professionals tend to ride infrequently because of the practicality issues when entertaining potential clients, weather and other climate conditions, or only on special occasions.

But, Harley does not compete on the basis of its products, rather than on its reputation and image therefore the opportunity that buyer present is consistent with the business strategy. Harley motorcycle shipments do fluctuate on a quarterly basis. Running a company boils down to boosting sales and profits, said Douthat, a financial analyst with Ockham Research Inc.

Overall this is industry has become highly competitive and therefore reducing the overall profits companies in this industry. However the motorcycle industry is growing and if there is potential profit in this industry, high capital requirement and economies of scale can be overcome and therefore is potential for new entrants.

It is recommended that Harley-Davidson should implement changes in its global growth strategy. Making SWOT analysis work.

This was an attempt to reduce the wait time from point of purchase and to product deliver. Perhaps Harley-Davidson felt that an aging target market would move from motorcycles to motor homes.

Post buyout, the management of Harley implemented a continuous improvement process, which increased quality dramatically, while at the same time reducing costs. SWOT analysis from a resource-based view. Such unrelated diversification tends to divert the focus of he company away from its core business.

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To the international customer, a Harley might be nothing more than a fashion accessory. Although Harley dealership programs have support dealer to provided quality and service to the customer and many dealership are exclusive to Harley Davidson.

Customers could now order parts to customise their Harleys. If a motorcycle is considered as a luxurious good therefore increase in disposable income will result in increase demand for motorcycle and vice versa. Also an internal analysis will be conducted which will outline Harley Davidson resources and capabilities and then determine if any strategic capabilities are present as well as a gap analysis to determine if there exist any gaps between the elements of business strategy and then explore future strategies such as Diversification, vertical integration and international strategies.

Social Factors Within society forces such as family, friends, media affect our attitude, interest and opinions. Harley uses HOG to showcase new products and to keep in contact with customers. This issue poses a significant challenge to the success of Harley Davidson. Firstly, the associations made with the Harley-Davidson brand differ between the American consumer and the international consumer.

Global expansion Product diversification Alliances with complementary businesses Harley-Davidson has the opportunity to expand, especially in developing markets. Harley Davidson has already diversified by exporting there motorcycle international as well as through general merchandising which include clothing, collectable and cologne.

Harley achieved this through a relationship marketing campaign known as H. Men 30 to 50 use motorcycles for weekend rides in the country and are for recreational in nature.

Lastly, consumer tastes can change or the market segment in which a company chooses to compete can Temperamentally alter. Gap Analysis Table 4. Secondly, other focused differentiators entered the market with products aimed at different segments of the market.

It is an opportunity for her to become a figurehead for certain political issues much the same way as Bob Geldof and Bono are. The standard and performance segments are served by the Group's Buell motorcycle line. Social networks are booming. Post buyout, the management of Harley implemented a continuous improvement process, which increased quality dramatically, while at the same time reducing costs.

How different would it be if a true-blue single-minded engineer set the vision for Apple? In addition, Harley-Davidson has the opportunity to establish business alliances to increase its market reach, similar to its partnership with Lehman Trikes.Robert Gould, Director, Internal Audit, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Seizing the PESTS for Strategy Success (Strategic) PESTLE analysis is a strategy planning and performance tool that examines the external influences that have a major impact on making. Dec 18,  · Situational analysis Harley Davidson, an international motorcycle company, started out as a small three man operation inby the Davidson brothers and William Harley manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles.

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SWOT analysis of Harley Davidson presents the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the brand Harley davidson. With its strong image of quality and 'freedom' Harley has crafted its niche position in the market which is also backed by Harley Davidson Merchandising.

PESTLE • • • Harley-Davidson is one of the most admired and recognized companies in the world today. Academy of Motorcycling for those interested in learning to ride a motorcycle.

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Harley Davidson is the parent company for the group of Companies together with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Buell Motorcycle Company and Harley-Davidson Financial Services. The company offers over 35 models of customized motorbikes via a worldwide network of over 1, dealers.

Harley davidson pestle analysis
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