Different types of pollution

The list of the contaminants of water also includes many other particles such Different types of pollution detergents being generated by the industries and also from the households which get readily mixed with the water bodies. As a consequence, soil losses its value of natural minerals and nutrients compositions.

7 Kinds of Environmental Pollution

It is caused by machines in industries, loud music, etc. Noise Pollution Noise pollution is the generation of sounds that are irritating and have a high pitch as compared to the hearing capabilities of humans.

Air pollution Air is the most polluted environmental resource. Water pollution adversely affects not only aquatic life, but also terrestrial life.

7 Kinds of Environmental Pollution

Every form of pollution has two sources of occurrence; the point and the non-point sources. When these water-bodies get polluted as a result of hazardous substance coming into contact and mixing with the water, it is known as surface water pollution.

Thermal Pollution Thermal pollution occurs when water bodies are degraded in terms of altering their temperatures.

What is Pollution?

The pollutants and wastes from industries encompass air emissions, deposit of used water into water resources, landfill disposal, and injection of toxic materials underground.

In this HelpSaveNature article, we shall learn about the different types of water pollution and their causes, in order to be in a better position to prevent them from occurring as much as possible. In the current era, thermal pollution is a huge menace and is mainly influenced by power plants and industrial manufacturers that use water as a coolant.

Different Types of Pollution

Noise pollution is defined as unpleasant and undesirable sound levels that cause serious discomfort to all living things. In this regard, it has grave consequences for human health, plant life, and soil quality. Lose of wildlife habitat, soil erosion, reduced crop yields, contamination of food, and desertification are the precise consequences of soil pollution.

One of the best ways to get involved is to invest in and work with fields regarding solar energy, which may be one of the next big steps toward cutting down on and eventually erasing environmental pollution.

Causes for air pollution due include exhaust from automobiles or factory machinery, but also include natural factors such as volcanic activity or forest wildfires.

Was this page useful? These can cause excess weed and algae growth. This can destroy the aquatic habitat, and can also lead to contamination of this water rendering it unfit for consumption. In particular, the natural environments subject to pollution largely include water, air, and land.

In the landfills, non-biodegradable materials like plastic bottles, Styrofoam and cans can remain buried and intact for thousands of years, leaching chemicals into the ground over the years.

Land pollution can affect wildlife, plants and humans in many ways. Several of them are as well known as any movie star, including air pollution and water pollution, while others tend to be forgotten or overlooked.Pollution is a major hazard that causes many problems to the people and environment.

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem.

Different Types of pollution are categorized based on the part of the environment which they affect or result which the particular pollution causes. Each of these types has its own distinctive causes and consequences.

Categorized study of pollution helps to understand the basics in more detail and produce protocols for the specific types. Let us discuss the different types of pollutions, their causes and effects on mankind and the environment as a whole.

Types & Causes of Pollution Air Pollution is the most prominent and dangerous form of pollution. Research work about environment and the different types of pollution. The types of air pollution sources are plentiful. While we ensure to take care of our health and body from the harmful substances of the society, we must also take short steps to.

Jun 06,  · Light Pollution, Noise Pollution, and Visual Pollution These three types of pollution are probably the least discussed when it comes to environmental preservation, but all three are certainly forms of environmental pollution and are worth knowing about agronumericus.com: April Klazema.

Different types of pollution
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