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In the yearthe Journal of Public Health Policy said that the rate at which marijuana is consumed under decriminalization laws is less than or comparable to where it is a criminal offense. This positive affect that it has on neuropathic conditions is largely due to the way THC attaches itself to the fatty sheaths of nerve cells.

Moreover, the rates of possession and usage have risen substantially since the s, even with the war in place. Same Sex Marriage License Laws. THC has also been shown to help reduce neuropathic pain due to cancer. The History of the War on Drugs in America Then war on drugs was first declared in by President Nixon after it became apparent that drugs were ingredients for political dissent, social upheaval and youthful rebellion Drug Policy Alliance, The law should have no input what so ever in what people are allowed to view, purchase or perform in as long as there are consenting individuals.

Individuals who drink on a daily basis are frustrated with restricted bar laws now. People can no longer smoke in their favorite bars or restaurants because of many restrictions on smoking. The underlying belief was that people ought not to be punished if their actions do not cause harm to others, regardless of the amount of harm they do to themselves ACLU, No relation between the actual or perceived severity of their previous sentence and subsequent use has been found.

Same Sex Marriage License Laws. One thing that most American do not like about strangled hold their personal and consensual dealing is the fact that pornography is being scrutinize in the U.

If someone wants to use any one of the natural herbs of the earth to their benefit, it should be their choice, and is their God-given right. Yes, we need laws against criminal acts in the United States but laws against morals seem to personal to have enacted.

The use the term over-criminalization is complete understatement in terms of criminal law.

Criminalization of Drugs: Criminalization&nbspEssay

If people sodomize one another in a consensual manner, it should be there own business to decide if it is right or wrong. I mean, they do it with everything else. Between andthere was a public outcry for the state to decriminalize marijuana possession and distribution for personal use.

Many ancient religions including those from Africa, China, Central Asia, Europe, and India have used marijuana for religious purposes.

Over Criminalization

Who are we, to try to make illegal the use of any God-given plant that has been put on this earth for our use? This shows the astronomical amount of time and money that the U.

He, however, surprisingly admitted four weeks before leaving office in a public interview, that the country needed to revise its imprisonment policies for drug users Drug Policy Alliance, The same goes for tobacco products.

Regulations regarding the sell and use of marijuana should be in place just as alcohol regulations are in place. Retrieved March 22,from http: Our attempt to prohibit people from consuming drugs by banning the same seems not to have stopped them from using drugs, but only stopped them from obeying the law Branson, With law officials paying more attention to the immoral acts of others, the true crime of America is slipping through the cracks.

There is need to consider alternative ways of dealing with the drug issue. In some cases they are practicing sexual activity with the same sex.

Over Criminalization

This product is made into the form of an oral spray and has been shown to be effective for relief of symptoms of neuropathic pain, including diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and cancer Sativex — Investigational Cannabis-Based Treatment for Pain and Multiple Sclerosis.

In other words, of course a drug can cause possibly serious harm to you if you use too much of it. Some people have to drink in the bar and stay there. Just the same as any other simple pleasure in life, people should have balance when using marijuana.

People who smoke marijuana in the U. Bluej quelltext beispiel essay Bluej quelltext beispiel essay. From tothere were nearly 9.

The Crisis of over-Criminalization Essay

This is besides the fact that alcohol can be extremely addicting. In essence, the intrusion is inappropriate and the American citizens personal ambitions should not be left to the law to decide.

Nixon, however, would have none of this.The Criminalization of the Mentally Ill Essay; The mentally ill is over-represented in the criminal justice system when compared with the larger United States population.

Essay criminalization over

People with mental illness are incarcerated approximately 8 times more frequently than they are admitted to state mental hospitals, and are incarcerated for significantly.

Crisis of Over-Criminalization What is over-criminalization?

The Crisis of over-Criminalization

Over-criminalization generally insinuates that laws regulating public decency and morality is a distraction of sorts to law enforcement officials who could be spending time solving more important crimes rather than dealing in an individual’s personal fixation.

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Read this Social Issues Essay and over 88, other research documents. Criminalization of Marijuana. How many of you went to a school that participated in the D.A.R.E. program? According to /5(1). Apr 16,  · Recently, Salon conducted an interview via email with Angela Davis, a professor at American University's Washington College of Law, on the problem of over-criminalization.

Criminalization essay over
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